Builder's and In Service Images

Bob Keller, Number Five's former owner, has graciously provided the photographs and captions featured here

"This wonderful photo, presumably taken in October or November of 1925, is done in the classic Baldwin style. The saddle, frame, brake system, and tender trucks have been white washed, so that the details will show in the photo. The fireman’s side is shown, with the connecting rod at its lowest position. (A very interesting book, with much information about Baldwin’s builder’s photos is "The Locomotives Baldwin Built", by Frederick Westing.)" - Bob Keller

"I found these photos as a result of a visit to Hawi, the headquarters of the Kohala Sugar Company. I placed an ad in the company newsletter, and some kindly person sent these to me. The only way to date the pictures is that they were made after the re-lettering, from HRC [Hawaii Railway Company] to KSC [Kohala Sugar Company], but I don’t know when that happened." - Bob Keller

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